Alight Motion Pro Review

Alight Motion Pro Review
Written by legend.robert

So let’s talk about alight motion today. Alight motion is a mobile editing app available for both iOS and android and is free to use. Though you can do an in app purchase that cost $5 a month or $30 a year in USA AppStore and play store and unlock all pro features of this app. So like we already know there tons of paid and free editing apps available on iOS and android right now so it’s like alight motion worth using or you should just stick with traditional editing apps? Let’s see what alight motion has to offer us-

Multiple layers of graphics video and audio

Vector editing and bitmap support on all devices

Lots of building blocks elemental and basic effects with presets

Keyframe animation in all devices with smooth 60 FPS frame rate on all devices

Grouping making and colour elements

Colour Adjustments ans After effect like editing

Animation with curve adjustments and liner graph adjustments

Velocity based motion blur available in all devices

Export MP4 videos and Gif Adjustments With solid colour and gradient filling of all colours

Border and custom effects with special FX

Custom easy to use interface

Cloud backup support with apples icloud so you can edit your project on any device

So we can see alight motion  comes with a lots of features that’s only available for PC software like after effects yet alight motion is portable and lets you do your editing anywhere anytime on go. So let me share my experience when I used this app for first time. To start with I search on AppStore alight motion and it came as a free app which was really great I downloaded it it’s only about 80 mb in size so ye it don’t take much storage space and then started my first project. I tried to edit some of my PUBG game play video and to my surprise it was easy to do transition and animation. Though they were really very simple animation and transitions effects though they still made my edit look like a professional edit that is done on after effect app on computer. So yes editing was really easy with alight motion app and yes it looks like professional edit. Only problem I had is that in free version of alight motion there a watermark. So to remove that watermark I paid $5 and bought my first one month alight motion subscription and then moved to another edit. On my second edit I tried to do some simple animation and to my surprise the key frame and graphic animation works fluidly on my iPhone SE without any issues. So ye this app is really good for editing on go.

Now let’s see problems I faced with this app first problem I faced is that this app kills your ram you can’t do multitasking if you have only 2 GB of ram on your device. So ye it’s not really well optimised  I guess for mobile devices but if you have a device with more than 3GB of ram then your good to go alight motion will be there to give you awseom editing experience on go.

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