Best Indie Games From 2022 ||

Best Indie Games From 2022 ||
Written by legend.robert



This game is great, it is a real refresh of the linear model of mediocre mobile games. It embraces the touchscreen platform brilliantly, while still having freshness and beautiful graphics.


Reigns and Reign: Her Majesty

I have seen these games a few times before and I was curious so I bought them. From the first drag, I love this game. It looks straightforward, but there are many things you can do and it’s interesting, especially when you get to a good finish.



Shadowmatic is an imaginative puzzle game in which you rotate an abstract object in light to find a recognizable image in a planned shadow relative to the surrounding environment.


7 Billion Humans

I like to play this game and solve programming puzzles (otherwise the gameplay is 5 stars), I feel very frustrated when I can’t turn off the sound effects of the game.



This is a nice little game, you can get enough challenges while waiting in line, relax after a difficult day, or challenge children to expand their imagination a little. Some levels are more trickythan others, but they are all very feasible without any hint system or drills.



This game is very interesting. Amazing response and precise control (touch screen and MFI controller), beautiful graphics, beautiful animations, powerful enemies and enemy types, a large number of armors, and weapons to unlock.


80 Days

I am a video game tester and I like to test mobile games in my free time. I have been addicted to this game for a long time, and after a while it really became boring. But this game is still great.


Dictator 2 Political Game

This is an incredible game, definitely worth starting. The animation, audio, and gameplay are flawless! I have had difficulty finding games that really interest me lately, and I think I finally found them.



I don’t have many expectations for this application, I am very pleasantly surprised. I admit that sometimes I am a little tired of backtracking through the level layout, but it always pays off in the end.


FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator

The FNaF6 mobile port is a port that I and many others did not expect to be such a good port. The game runs perfectly on mobile devices, and the game style matching is very suitable for mobile phones.


Five Nights at Freddy

I like this game very much. I like the development of this series, not only because of its storytelling method but also because it really stays in touch with the fan base and provides a great game after each one in the series.


Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2

I downloaded this game and was surprised by the quality and hard work of this puzzle game for children. It challenges your wisdom and ability to focus on something from different angles. It has an amazing storyline behind it. I only have some conflicts with it.


Geometry Dash 

If you want to play a game that is simple but difficult to play, then this is for you. Geometry Dash is a game where you can jump by pressing a button and switching the jump type through the portal.


Poly Bridge

I like this game very much. This is a perfect challenge puzzle game with realistic physics effects. The challenge of making bridges work and staying within budget always makes me think about how to do more with less.


Alien: Blackout

This game is fun to play. The game really captures the atmosphere of the franchise. The animation is really great, it is absolutely terrible. I have never touched this style of game, but the alien theme really works here.


Evoland and Evoland 2

I chose this game because it is on sale and I have always wanted to try it. The concept of the game has been carefully thought out and executed, taking you through the world, picking up treasure chests that change all aspects of the game, from visual effects to core game mechanics, and guiding you on a journey of RPG history.


White Night

The game has a very interesting storyline that makes you want to keep playing. Movement control can be frustrating, especially when trying to run or move to an off-screen space.



Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platform game with action elements, in which magnetism and other electromagnetic forces are the keys to the whole game, so as to discover the secrets of the long-abandoned Tesla Tower. As a young boy with ancient Teslamancer technology, embark on an adventure.


Dead Age

Survive in the zombie apocalypse through turn-based battles and permanent death! Manage survivors, conduct dangerous treasure hunts, build alliances, make equipment, make difficult decisions that affect the story, defend your camp from the undead, and experience non-linear Rogue-lite elements.


Truck Simulator PRO Europe

I bought this game a few days ago. It is great, but there are still some things that can be improved. If developers see this, please consider adding more trucks and more upgrades to the truck, as well as more work and better truck physics and handling. I would love to see more cities in Europe.


European War

Great game. I like to play it on off days. When I have free time, the only thing I don’t like is that I can’t seem to get any more items that can heal the general. 10 hp 20 hp or 35 hp and hope to give me all General that item so they can fight longer in enemy territory where I cannot use the temple.


Rush Rally 2

This game is very suitable for rally fans, it is the only game I have seen with good graphics. I definitely want to see an emulator rally suitable for mobile phones. When I connect it via Bluetooth, it will not play sound through my stereo.


Bridge Constructor

I like this bridge-building game! It is fun and stressful to see if your bridge will break or survive. The only reason I give it 3 stars is that they show you that you can build up and down in the picture, I think, “Oh, it will be fun to build and unlock this feature”, but in fact, when you finish the game, they tell you that you must buy. I paid for this game, and it doesn’t even have the features that they proudly showcase with Bunny and Man.


Titan Quest HD

I finished this game on a simpler level, only to find that it now supports controllers. Yes, my fingers cramped on the old virtual controller, but when I tried it with the new controller, it was smooth and felt very natural.


Aerofly FS

I have been playing this game for many years. I buy it every year to help the development of this game, I like it very much. Get their first release on iTunes until 2022 and all the additional maps, although the games in some years are almost the same. But I like it very much, and I am willing to buy it every year when new ones come out.


Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk

It feels like a subway game or at least the first one. Expect it to be mediocre or bad, but it is actually very good. The graphics are great, the sound is great, the gameplay is great, and the story/dialogue is really the only disappointment.


Driving Zone: Germany Pro

This game is very interesting and addictive, but it lacks something. I want the interior of the car to actually match the interior of the actual car. In addition, it would be great if there were more car options and an understanding of how much money we got.

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