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DU screen recorder is a screen recorder app for android phones. It also works as a video editor and a live streaming application for mobile games. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases.

DU Recorder gives free and high-quality recording experience resulting in smooth videos for the viewer. This app provides lots of features and options that you can use to reach your screen-casting goals on your Android device.

Tools in DU Recorder

DU recorder offers a hovering widget that lets you easily pause and continue your mobile screen recording sessions. Using the floating window, you will be able to take screenshots with just one click. The same action can be achieved using the notification bar for convenience and quick implementation. Once the snapshot has been saved on the device, DU Recorder provides in-app image editing tools to edit the screenshots even further. You can stitch different images to create content straight from your phone.

There are two modes that you can choose from when screen recording with DU recorder. A basic recording mode and a standard mode. The app itself automatically selects the best-suited mode based on the device specs. But users can change the setting anytime they want.

Basic Mode

This recording mode is best suited for low-end devices with limited memory. The app will record videos in low res so that it does not pose a burden on the device. The low resolution recorded video takes less space and will carry fewer details.

Standard mode for High-quality Live streaming

It is the recommended mode for devices with good specs. The app records video in the highest resolution offering crisp videos with full details and good audio quality. This type of quality is normally used when live streaming games on the internet. DU Recorder lets you broadcast in real-time to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

You can do the following while live streaming from your android phone.

  • Resolution settings to ensure you are live streaming at the highest quality possible.
  • Privacy settings to determine who has access to the stream.
  • An option for real-time audience interaction in terms of comments.
  • An option to include yourself in the live stream using the front-facing camera.
  • Include live tools like donations and subscriptions at the click of a button.

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