Facebook Sticker Post Version – Apk Download

Facebook Sticker Post Version - Apk Download
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Facebook Sticker Post


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What is Facebook Sticker Post ?

A viral Facebook post is making the rounds again and cluttering everyone’s newsfeed. The post claims by copying and pasting it onto your own timeline and by commenting, liking or leaving a sticker on the friend’s post, it will trick Facebook’s algorithm into showing you posts of more friends.

Here’s one variation of the post: “So I’m doing what everyone else is doing. Fixing my blocked posts. I wondered where everybody had been! This is good to know. It’s ridiculous to have 578 friends and only 25 are allowed to see posts. I ignored the post earlier because I didn’t think it worked. It WORKS!! I have a whole new newsfeed. I’m seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in years.”

Does it work? No. Well…In a way, I suppose it does. Contrary to what the post claims, Facebook does not limit the number of friends whose posts show up on your newsfeed. Its algorithm does place some friend’s posts higher than others based on friends you’ve interacted with the most. It also places posts of friends who have friends or interests in common. This is to prevent posts from groups, pages, and friends you never interact with from clogging up your feed.

You can have some control of who you see the most. It’s easier to make these changes on a computer than it is on a mobile device. Go to settings and look for newsfeed preferences. There you’ll see your friends                                                    

How to post status with sticker in Facebook

Did You Know?

A year after the Wall Street Journal reported that dozens of would-be sellers in the U.S. Were advertising rifles and handguns on Facebook Marketplace as empty boxes, a new tactic has emerged. As Americans buy guns in record numbers, several firearm sellers are now disguising their posts by purporting to sell stickers of gun makers’ logos. Private sales of firearms across state lines in the U.S. Are meant to be funneled through licensed gun dealers. People barred from owning guns, due to state or federal restrictions, can turn to online exchanges and social-media sites to avoid background checks when making a transaction.


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