How to recover hacked Facebook account 2022

How to recover hacked Facebook account 2022
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Toh Whatsup guys, 

Aj mai aplogo ko batane wala hu ki aap kis tarah se apni hacked Facebook id ko open kr sakte ho….. Wo bhi bari asani sey…. Toh uske liye apko niche di gayi video ko pura dekhna hoga……

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Hello sir,

My Facebook account has been hacked. When I try to login its showing me that the password is incorrect and its changed. Then I also tried forget password. But the hacker has also changed the phone number and email from the account. That’s why I totally lost my access. That’s why I am sending my identity to proof that I am real owner of this account. Please do something about i

My account link : 

Yours Faithfully,



What Is Facebook I’d Disabled?

On Tuesday, Telegram has blocked a bot that sold Facebook users’ phone numbers through the messaging app for hefty sums.

Cybercriminals just lost their revenue-generating bot after Telegram finally blocked it Tuesday. The bot allowed individuals to gain access to millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers using the Telegram messaging app.

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Motherboard reported that the phone numbers were pulled from a massive database before Facebook was able to fix the security hole back in August 2022. New York Post received info from a support representative of Telegram who said that the bot has already been blocked by Tuesday morning. It did not specifically say exactly when the bot was disabled nor did it give information on the duration that it remained active on the messaging platform.

Those who may have been trying to get the phone number of a Facebook user would just have to enter the Facebook ID that they want, and the bot would be the one to retrieve the phone details. If the phone number is the known value, then the bot would return the Facebook ID.

How Facebook Account Got Disabled?

Two titans of Silicon Valley, Facebook and Apple, are in a bitter fight that centers on the iPhone data of millions of people and whether companies should be able to track that data as easily as they do now.

Facebook believes the answer is yes. On Wednesday, it even unveiled a video voiced by Grace Jones aimed at currying the public’s favor.

Apple says not so fast. CEO Tim Cook tweeted last month about the need for greater control over data privacy “from safeguarding your health & financial data to guarding against algorithms that perpetuate rampant misinformation. We need transparency and reform.”

What will happen?

In the coming weeks, Apple will update its iOS software for iPhones to require apps to get explicit consent to track what people are doing on their phones for the purposes of sharing it with third parties.

This type of tracking — which includes which apps are being used and for how long, which websites are visited, and data about a user’s location — is tapped by advertisers to create hypertargeted, personalized advertisements.

According to Apple, the average app has at least six trackers that are discreetly harvesting user data.

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