Instant Email Address Download Best-App

Instant Email Address Download Best-App
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Instant Email Address Download Best-App
Instant Email Address Apk Download

The app lets you create an email address for free

With an advanced app, you can activate it and create an email address for free.
Your account contains multiple email addresses at once and can be used for a variety of purposes.
The address can be used permanently because the service has no expiration date.

The application meets this requirement completely!

Application features include:

Instant Email Address Download Best-App
Instant Email Address Apk Download

* You can have multiple email addresses at once!
Additional email addresses can be created at any time without changing your current address.
You can use your favorite address or make the app a shorter address.  The app is developed with our own technology and automatically remembers the addresses that are easily generated.

* You can contact the address (write a new message, reply and share)!
You can send a message from the address you created and attach the file to it.
These addresses support the latest features such as SPF, DKIM (sender authentication), encrypted delivery, and more.

* Push notifications available!
Announces the arrival of new messages even when you close the application.  It can also send notifications to other smartphones and computers.
You can only disable push notifications for specific addresses or enable push notifications.

* Fixed email address!
The address you create will be permanently deleted unless you delete it.
Even if you change your phone or delete the app, the address is still intact and can be reset after login!
Sent and received messages are automatically deleted after one month, but you can save them permanently by selecting Safety Mode.

Instant Email Address Download Best-App

Instant Email Address Apk Download

* All features are free!
You can use your favorite service for free.  No purchase to use.
At the bottom of the screen you will see an aggressive banner.
The sent message contains no ads.  You will also not receive spam.

* Sync with your computer and other smartphones!
You can use the same address on PC, Android, Kindlefire, iPhone / iPod / iPad, and Sync messages.
You don’t have to set it up!  All you need to do is sign in with an automatically generated ID and password.

* The application supports HTML mail and email attachment!
The application receives messages in any language and format.  You can also get emoticons and decorative emails.
You can send and receive email attachments, and malware links are blocked.

* Perfect function function!
You don’t need other email clients, such as inboxes, mailboxes, filters, email blocking features, etc.  If the package is not needed!
You can use the regular email service from your browser.

Not all native features are available in other full email apps!
You can share messages with your friends as a URL as a website, assign an email address to others, and create a web form.
More and more users are using the app to create exclusive promotions and contact emails for the event.

Instant Email Address Download Best-App
Instant Email Address Apk Download

Keep your primary email clean and get a temporary address with a single click.

The Temporary Photo app allows users to create temporary email addresses that can be quickly deleted and received directly, including photos or any other link.

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