Kingdom new land game collection

Kingdom new land game collection
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Kingdom : New Lands

In Kingdom: New Lands, you play the role of a monarch and strive to build your kingdom from scratch. Explore the land for resources, recruit loyal subjects, and strengthen your defenses-but hurry up, because when night falls, a dark and greedy existence is waiting…

Kingdom: New Lands provides a popular but challenging and strategic experience for new players and old fans. Based on the award-winning tower defense gameplay and the mystery of the classic Kingdom, New Lands introduces a wealth of new content to IGF nominated games while maintaining the simplicity and depth that many monarchs cherish.

Go to the New World to welcome the flood of new mounts, merchants, and wanderers who use these islands as your home, but beware of new obstacles that threaten you—because not only are greedy creatures blocking your way, but even the environment itself can defeat you.

Brave, ruler, fight to the end, lest these new continents conquer you.

Ignore those who complain about the ios version vs. the pc version or the console version. Because I bought it on ios, I continued to buy it on Steam and my switch (when they were released there, many layers). I haven’t noticed the performance difference between them at all, it is likely that people complain that just using an old phone with an old battery reduces the speed of the processor. This is a very simple and crazy fun game. Everything about god games/building games and tower defense games is great. It’s just perfect. Too addictive, there are a lot of cool things to unlock, all kinds of new buildings, new mounts do different things (such as unicorns eating grass and pooping, attacking bears, deer/elk that will make the deer follow you, Wait) The new land update is great, now they have released a new one! I don’t have much time to really study Skull Island in-depth, but I have no doubt that it will be equally amazing. These developers are the credit of the industry, and it is great to see loyal developers continue to produce new content and improve their games. You can say it is a labor of love for them. I will immediately purchase any new games released by them based on their performance in Kingdoms.

Since the most recent update (Skull Island), stone wall upgrade changes are sometimes randomly lost, and you rarely get stone upgrades for archers or builders (I have nothing on island 5)…This is crazy- Why would developers delete these things? I am very good at this game and even defeated Skull Island… but I am thinking of those who played it for the first time before I knew the skills needed to win (even without the arrow statue). .. But this does not mean that they should not be included. Developers need to go back and solve this problem.

   In addition, after watching PC games, the iOS version runs too slow in comparison… Well, with a powerful iPad professional and a new iPhone, you mean to tell me you can’t make it stable/locked 60 FPS? ? Don’t buy it other games have been able to reach 60 FPS on iTouch 6! …No matter how many games there are, developers can go back and optimize the game to perform better on the latest Apple devices.

   Finally, there is still a problem with sending the knights and builders to the ship at the end of the screen; if you have done what I just said, then you will not be able to save and exit the game, otherwise, you will lose all the knights and builders you sent to the ship …This is very annoying, and there is no reason to still not solve this problem. Since posting, other commenters have raised this bug/question.

   This is a great game, but these problems need to be solved to make it a great game.


Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is a side-scrolling micro-strategy game with a minimalist style wrapped in a beautiful modern pixel art aesthetic. Play as a monarch riding on their horses and recruit loyal subjects to build your kingdom and protect it from greedy creatures who want to steal your coins and crown.

In the brand new campaign mode, the monarchs must now work hard to build an enduring kingdom until they find a way to permanently defeat greed. Explore the environment to discover new mounts and secrets hidden in the depths.

But you don’t have to rule alone! Introduce the cooperative game to the Kingdom’s two crown kings. The monarch can now choose a single-player experience or ask for help from friends. Cooperate locally in the classic split-screen, sit next to your monarch, and even face them on both sides of the device. The custom mobile function of the house.

In addition to traditional medieval scenes, “Two Crowns of the Kingdom” also includes:

• Land of Death: Enter the dark land of the kingdom. Play as a unique monarch, including Shardbinder Miriam, with the powerful features of Gothic horror action RPG Bloodstained. Riding a huge beetle horse to set up traps, summon a weird undead mount that hinders the progress of greed, and a blood-stained mythical demon horse “Gamigin” with its powerful charge attack. Building your kingdom has never been so creepy!

• Shogun: A tour of the land inspired by Japanese feudal architecture and culture. Play as a powerful general or Onnawarrior, win the support of ninjas, lead your soldiers to fight on the mythical unicorn, and form new strategies in your greed bravely hiding in the dense bamboo forest.

In the post-release update, we will continue to maintain the sense of exploration, discovery, and strategy in “Two Crowns of the Kingdom”, and provide more theme settings, each with a unique style, while changing the way you rule the land. Amazing.

The challenge awaits all those who seek it here, whether you are a first-time ruler or a long-time fan. So be brave, great monarch, because, in the end, two crowns will be stronger than one crown.

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