Mojo Pro Review

Mojo Pro Review
Written by legend.robert


I like this app very much! This is the application I use when I want to apply the animated text to my movie. I really hope you will allow us to choose to add text to a transparent background so that we can export the animation to other movie editing applications for use in video blogs made on the iPad. Or, if you allow us to add video clips to an application that you already do, but allow text to be added for the entire duration of the imported video clip. When I add my video clip, it cuts off my video clip instead of allowing it to add text throughout the clip.

I just guide it, it needs to be able to switch profiles like Instagram! I have two different accounts with different logos and different styles, and I don’t want to switch colors or switch devices to use the settings saved for my other Instagram accounts, which will slow down the workflow significantly. Other than that, I really like everything the app offers, and I think it’s very worthy of subscription. I found this to be a very useful application to add some extra highlights or “wow” elements to my posts. I have been a content creator for 5 years. Therefore, these tools are a life-saving straw for people who only own iPhones and iPad Pro.

   The template is very helpful, you can further customize the template with different combinations of text styles and animations to make it your own unique variant. Thanks to the developers for making an excellent application. The user interface is easy to navigate and understand, but I think it might benefit from some small tutorial popups, or like a help icon that tells you what is what or how to change something. It helped me create fast and professional designs for my clients, which is awesome! However, I only gave 4 stars because of the need for more editable features. My client is very picky about font spacing and it is impossible to animate and set font spacing as I want. In addition, a certain function is required where you can add pictures/media that are not part of the template. Now I am using the logo function to add photos that do not look user-friendly. I am very skeptical of paid apps because many of them have a free version that is usually “good enough”. However, one of my goals this year is to improve the quality of my Instagram posts and stories, so I browsed the app and tried some freebies and 3-day trials, but I kept coming back to play story buff. I decided to go to Pro and WOW! I have been using it for a few days and I am getting more and more familiar with it. I am always looking for more and more cool things and cool ways to use them. From making basic posts to using premade templates, to being able to fully customize certain things…Text animation and colors, as well as many options for social media logos and your own logo…I am very impressed, I think the money is spent It’s worth it. I can wait to use many other templates. I like to use mojo. I like the stories I can create for our company. I like to have a large number of choices, I can customize it according to our brand standards, but this is not too much. Just right. However…stock video recently gave me a terrible time. I will upload one of their stock videos to the template, and it will either crash my application or nothing will happen. The video will not load. This is frustrating, I have tried all the tips in the help center, but there is no easy way to contact customer service or send suggestions via email. Another idea that I think sometimes brings surprises in updates is to create a feature to help you time your videos to the slide time of Instagram stories and scrolls. There is a feature that keeps track of your total project duration for you, so you don’t have to manually go through each slide and add up the duration, and make sure you stick to the total length of the story or reel. I believe there is a way to make a very user-friendly feature on the app that can greatly help content creators. All in all, this is a great app-some improvement can be used. I am very satisfied with the Mojo application. First of all, the price and what you get are very fair. Secondly, it takes my story to a completely different level-it brings endless animation layouts (which is great for stories), you can add text, music, and stickers and set your own time. I am totally willing to pay for this application because it provides everything I need.

In fact, it would be great to do one more thing. I found that the application “ends”. This is also very cool because they have options, such as gold brushes and other graphics… I combine Mojo and Over: first I create a template in Over (adding frames, gold brushes, etc.) and then I go to Mojo (cherry on the cake) adds moving text, animation, music.

This is a great pair of apps, but I hope I can do all of this in one app instead of switching between two apps (plus Over is a bit messy and expensive.  I absolutely love this app! I create a large amount of content, and this is one of my favorites. It’s very user-friendly and delivers quality videos and graphics. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that I purchased the annual plan, but I’m unable to work across devices like I am with my other content-creating apps such as Over, Canva, etc.

I should not have to purchase a completely separate plan for each device. Even though I am on my iPad, it should recognize that I paid for the annual plan using my Apple ID, OR I should be able to sign in like other apps. This is the only area that this app is lacking in. If I pay for the pro version on one device, I should be able to access the pro version on all of them.

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