Most popular console game ports on iOS

Most popular console game ports on iOS
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So let’s talk about Minecraft. As we all know this is one of the most popular and one of the oldest game that is still going strong thanks to its excellent community. This game has seen multiple console generation multiple platforms and now this game is even available in VR. So today we are going to talk about Minecraft a game that started 10 year ago and is as simple as placing blocks breaking blocks and building stuff but later got evolved into something really big that people of all age group love and can play together. The base game of Minecraft remains the same which was 10 years ago but it got evolved with new features added to it evolving it into a beast which is now. Though still Minecraft is evolving very fast with new things getting added to the base games and introduction to new technologies like ray tracing giving a complete new vibe to the game.

So first let’s see what is Minecraft? Minecraft is a simple open word 3D survival game with sandbox elements to it. In this game you can break or create almost anything without any restrictions. You can make awesome structures in creative mode or fight against zombies dragons and lots of other mob in survival mod. In survival mode you have to gather resources make items take care of your hunger bar fight mobs and try to kill the ender dragon which some people thing is the end of Minecraft. Though if you want you can continue playing this game without getting to any true end. This game only ends when you want it to end for you. Minecraft is available on Xbox PlayStation Wii Nintendo consoles android iOS and so on you name it and that device got some version of Minecraft running on it. The version we are taking about for review sake on this review is iOS release of Minecraft that cost $6.99 on USA AppStore. Mobile ports of Minecraft I have to say are well designed and though as controls and crafting elements of game is nicely done and is easy to learn and play.

Most of the game revolves around giving you a complete never ending open world that has no limits to it . The only limit in this game is your imagination. You can build anything destroy anything and also consider this game ended for you when you want. Minecraft provides a true sandbox experience to its players. That’s why it has very strong community of modders and creators who create tons of community made content everyday for this game. A little though of a simple game of placing and breaking blocks has given rise to a behameth. Overall I will rate this game 10/10 for everything it provides and it’s of no surprise this game always stays number one in top rated iOS games on AppStore and playstore. This is one of the must play games of 20th century and it’s fair to be at this place.

So let’s talk about terraria. So what is terraria? Terraria is a sandbox survival game with pixelated graphics it’s very much similar to minecraft but it’s not actually Minecraft. Confused right? Terraria is a 2D platform based open world survival game with pixelated graphics. It’s developed by 505 Mobile developers and its also published by them this game is available on multiple platforms like Xbox Play station Nintendo switch Nintendo Wii Android and iOS. All versions of this game share same features graphics and versions number. Game also suppose cross platform multiplayer and lots of customisation with community made mods and customisation. Overall this game offers you hours of fun gameplay experience and like Minecraft word of Terraria will never end unless you make it end. All game words and procedurally generated and you will always have something to do there like going to fishing going on a treasure quest going inside dungeons and fighting dragons or fighting with zombies and much more.

For this review we will be focusing mainly on mobile ports of terraria that is terraria for iOS and for android both versions of terraria cost about $4.99 on USA AppStore and are very good ports of the base game. Both games run at 60 FPS as expected for a game like terraria having minimalist graphics and design. Game support both touch screen and a physical controller support. But now let’s talk about touch screen control. When i first played I used touch controls as this game is supposed to be portable version of main game so ye touch controls feels good smooth and responsive with good button placings. One thing that I hated about these touch controls is that it’s good for devices like iPad or a phone having big screen but when i tried to use it on my iPhone SE 2016 then yes it felt awkward on small screen device but then also what you will expect from a PC game that is ported on mobile . It’s still good enough port. Next I played for some hours using my Xbox controller and oh god it felt exactly like playing it on my Xbox one s . Everything felt same this is truly a very good gaming experience on go.

Final thoughts over all I will say game is pretty good and all ports or versions of this are pretty much same and gives definitely good gaming experience whether it’d on iOS on android on PlayStation or on Xbox. I will rate this game 10/10 for it’s excellent gameplay rich graphics and very intensive and immersive multiplayer experience where you can with your friends make anything you want create build or destroy al most everything. Yes the game definitely worth $4.99 that you will pay for it and it’s a must buy game for you if your a fan of open word survival games with a sandbox experience. Before I conclude this review I just wanted to clarify that yes this game supports multiplayer but it’s not on official terraria server you can connect with your friends and play with them in unofficial terraria or plug for Terraria servers which is the only down side of this game. Otherwise for replayblity I give this game 10/10.


in concluding all rockstar studios games launched or ported on mobile are worth checking out and worth every penny you pay for it. They are timeless classics that you can play on go now

So today let’s talk about Rome total war games. Again it’s an ambitious port for a PC game to come on your mobile devices. On iOS and android we got 3 Rome total war games namely Rome Total war , Rome Total War barbarian invasion and Rome total war Alexander . It’s good to see we got Our og game Rome Total War on both iPhone and iPad but the other two games Rome total war BI and Rome total war Alexander were exclusively to iPads only probably because of control limitations of a touch screen. All games cost about $9.99 on USA AppStore if you buy individual and if you buy bundle then it going to cost $15 at a discounted price. Now let’s talk about each games individually.

Rome Total War

Rome total war was first release on PC on 2004 its a turned based strategy game. The port we got on iOS comes with enhanced visuals and touch screen support as expected. For a game that is a PC port control feels comfortable and don’t really feel janky if you play this game on iPad. Though if you decide to play Rome total war on smaller screen devices you might not get the optimal experience. Visually game looks beautiful too where you take your army to epic battles. Game is priced $9 on AppStore and it’s worth playing I will say you will probably not find another game similar to Rome total war on iOS AppStore right now. Overall I will rate this game 9/10 on its gameplay style as there not many great strategy games on iOS and being a PC port for mobile devices this game had done excellent job in keeping Rome total war name alive. Remember this game is available for both iPad and iPhones.

Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion and Rome Total War Alexander

Now these two games were also released on iOS but are only available for iPads and is not available on iPhone and iPod. These games were released later as an expansion on rome total war genera and cost about $5 each on USA AppStore. Gameplay and graphics are similar to Its main Game Rome Total war. Storyline as name suggests takes you to different era in human history where you have to guide your troops in epic battle that is laid in according to our history with minor or little to no changes. Overall these games did well as an expansion to original Rome total war though if this game also had iPhone support expecially new iPhones that got released recently then it would have been better.

So final thoughts is it worth buying Rome total war games on iOS ? Well my answer is yes go for it if your a fan of real time strategy games with RPG elements mixed on it then yes go ahead. You will not find another app similar to Rome total war on AppStore right now so yes it’s worth playing and paying for. Though I will suggest everyone again only buy this if you have ipad for optimal gaming experience don’t buy if you plan to play it on iPhone as experience is not that good there.

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