Plug apps for Minecraft review

Plug apps for Minecraft review
Written by legend.robert

 Plug for Minecraft

Another world first-now you can also connect Plug to (and host) Minecraft running on other iOS devices, Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, virtual reality platforms, and other mobile devices. (Without paying any additional fees), all of these have the same Plug commands and functions as when hosted on iOS. Just launch the world on your other device and use the app to host the game online!

-Host your own server on iOS without any subscription.

-Complete online multiplayer game (including Bluetooth)-Connect in seconds, not minutes like other apps (just check our reviews).

-Get your own IP address (always yours and never change) to share with your friends so anyone can connect from any device.

-Play with anyone, not just Xbox Live friends, and no Live Gold membership-Hosted in our huge network of hundreds of thousands of players.

-Now you can use “invisible”, “kick” and “ban” commands in Minecraft, and more commands in your OWN Minecraft Server 🙂

-Publish your server online and provide grief protection! (Prevent the use of TNT or any other objects or blocks!)-Support private and public servers.

-When WiFi connection is not available, play with your friends via Bluetooth.

-Play multiplayer games online on hundreds of Pocketmineservers and thousands of servers hosted by users like you 🙂

-Make friends and invite them to play with you.


Plug for Minecraft Plugin Minecraft to provide you with “Bukkit” style commands in your game. The plug is suitable for single-player and multiplayer games, so you as the owner of the world and the connected player can use the available commands.

Plug for Minecraft also adds a complete online multiplayer game to Minecraft-not just playing with Xbox Live friends. Now you can play with friends located anywhere in the world, and voice chat with them while playing! Most importantly, you can now do this on Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, virtual reality platforms, and other mobile devices!!

All commands are controlled from Minecraft chat, just like plug-ins on the PC version of Minecraft.

Now you can hide in the world using commands like “invisibility”. For example,’.in me on’ will hide you from all other players.

In this version, we have added an external hosting option. Now you can host any Minecraft game on your network, just like you are used to using iOS. This applies to Minecraft on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, virtual reality platforms, other iOS devices, and other mobile devices-even Pocketmine servers running on your PC.

Plug is very easy to use, all you have to do is to open Minecraft and start a world. After entering the game, enter the command directly in the chat to use the command. For example, display help: .h

The plug is the world’s first, and there is no other application on the App Store like it. We are constantly developing it and hope to achieve more exciting things!

V3.00-Starting from version 3.00, you now need an internet connection to execute commands (even if you don’t want to play games online). However, a simple Bluetooth connection can work without an Internet connection.

Disclaimer-This is a third-party application, it is not the game Minecraft or affiliated with the game, its creator, Xbox or Xbox Live.

 Get rid of device bans

I use a plug. I have been using it since 2015. But what bothers me is the device ban. Doi has never had a device ban in recent years. I understand that developers want to get rid of people who will mourn the troll or spam, but what about other players? Why does this affect innocent players? In fact, if any player hates another player, they ban them for no reason. That’s what happened to me. Now the player who banned me does not want to ban me, but I want to join his server is bad. This is annoying because rumors can be spreading about you, then Plug Peplayers will want to ban you and that could destroy you from not being able to participate in another world. Please update this ban or do something about it because I really think everyone who plays plugins can agree with this.

 Bring back enchant

I really like this app, and despite taking a break from MCPE for almost a year, I have been using it since 2016, and when I came back, I noticed the major changes that I will detail here. Minecraft added the / command, just like they did on the PC. As a result, you deleted .g and .e and some other commands. Now I understand why you did this because you think there are now / commands that no longer need them, but I really hope you bring back .g and .e or at least just .e, because with Minecraft’s new /cmds you You can’t do “/enchant player enchantment 200 or 62 or 2377 or any really high numbers”, you can only do five at most, it depends on the enchantment that messed up many cool little game ideas that I used to mess up. e days. For example, repelling 200 or 1 fencing, or even super repelling bow… I used to play sumo with my friends with the repelling enchanted fish, which was very interesting. Please bring .e back. Otherwise, this application is great, I highly recommend it more than any other server-hosted application.

 Great app but every once and while having problems

This is a great server application. I like that you can have additional commands. The reason I gave this 4-star rating is because of the server. There are indeed unsuitable servers. There are these “nightclub servers” where people abuse swears words and talk about very vulgar topics. Moreover, the titles of these servers are “Join if you are a boy” or “Join if you are a girl” to trick unsuspecting players into doing rude things with them. Sometimes, when I join the server, people will ban me for no reason or put “your@$#%” in the “reason” area (but I am grateful for being able to report to the server and having a good application moderator). This is my Plug PE summary. Get this application to get good server production and command capabilities, but beware of “strange” servers.



Plug Toolbox for Minecraft

  Make the most of your Minecraft, Plug Toolbox allows you to do everything you want, get all the Minecraft stuff you need and edit so many settings, it will surprise you! Get the add-ons needed to edit inventory and world settings (including development-only settings) directly from the app, and use modules that can be used every time! Want to be as unbreakable as a cornerstone, need bigger and better weapons or customized spells? Download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft now and start the game in a whole new way.

Plug Toolbox has all the best Minecraft cheats you need, including the setting level editor, player setting editor, and world setting editor. No matter what skin you use, why would you still play the original Minecraft when you can customize it the way you want? ! Get all the tools, shortcuts, add-ons, tricks, tips, and tricks you need right away. Download Plug Toolbox now and explore the best way to modify world settings, player settings, and inventory.


– upgrade immediately! Set your achievement level to any level you like and reach the top by deceiving yourself!

-Set your game mode to any mode you like (including survival mode, creative mode, spectator mode, or adventure mode)

-Even if you do not activate cheating, you can set the game mode of other players to be different from yours

-Set your world rebirth point to anything

-Get some cool tools and change any settings without enabling Minecraft cheats

-Make the world the same (cannot be destroyed)

-Protect your skin and make yourself invulnerable-Our favorite Minecraft hacker-Be the best Minecraft hacker

-Set up “reserve inventory” for yourself or each player so that only you and/or other players will not lose inventory after they die

-Turn PvP (player-to-player) on or off

-Show coordinates without cheating

-Enable Minecraft maps from the beginning

-Remove plug-ins, texture packs, resource packs, and plug-in locks from the world

-Change your walking speed

-Change and set custom default permission levels for new players and op/ops

-Set a forced respawn point. (Even set up a rebirth point without a bed)

-Change your player attributes, such as absorption, maximum health, experience

-Customize your adventure, set any item in any armor slot

-Arm your skin, but the sword and anything you like in your off-hand (there is no limit to your off-hand slot)

-Add any item to your Minecraft inventory, even items with custom IDs

-Control who can fly and fly speed

-Add any Minecraft item to Ender Chests

-Import and edit Minecraft world from the internet for free from any website or other Minecraft map application

-Use each enchantment to enchant anything up to level 32767

-Get any Minecraft potion or any number of Minecraft potions according to your needs or needs

-Upgrade to set seeds of any level, even the elusive 0 (this is usually impossible)

-No need to make or mine just add the item to your inventory

-Export the world directly to MCPE (MC PE / Minecraft PE / Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

-Even if you don’t need to activate cheating, there are plenty of shortcuts

Plug Toolbox has all the best Minecraft cheats you need, with a setting-level editor/map editor/world editor, so you can customize the game in your own way. No matter which skin you use, Plug Toolbox is the best way to modify your world settings, player settings, and inventory.

Upgrade now and make the most of your Minecraft, using our handy tips and tricks to customize it the way you want. These are just some of the many things you can do with the Plug Toolbox, and more upgrades and improvements are coming. There are many possibilities, Plug Toolbox makes your Minecraft infinitely customizable.

So don’t wait, download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft now and get all the hacks and cheating you can handle. If you can imagine, Plug Toolbox can help you create it.


Plug Adblocker

Plug Adblock is a revolutionary new zero-configuration adblocker. No need to install plug-ins or set up and update the site list in Safari, the most important thing is that it applies to the entire device and every application, not just for web browsing.

_Block ads in the entire device and all applications.

_Three modes are available (see screenshot).

_No configuration required-automatic blocking!

_Filter, check, and automatically update the list of bad servers every day.

_Use automatic adaptation algorithms to detect and block new networks, even before we identify them and add them to the list.

_Extend battery life by saving resources wasted loading ads.

_Reduce data usage by preventing ads from loading-not just showing them!

_Block ads on IPv6 networks (many mobile networks)

_Respond by sending you a DNS response from the first DNS server (in 50 pools, including google, comodo, level3, and many other big names), which greatly speeds up browsing

AdBlock has been downloaded more than 350 million times and used by more than 65 million people worldwide. Now, AdBlockhas created a powerful ad blocker that can be used as a Mac application.

AdBlock for Safari is a powerful and easy-to-use adblocker. It stops annoying pop-up windows, removes auto-playing video ads, and blocks annoying audio ads. It also allows you to control the advertisements you see and the supported websites. You can tell AdBlock to stop working on certain sites, allow ads on sites you want to support, and easily access a comprehensive library of customer support information to help you make the most of the AdBlock application.

AdBlock helps websites load faster in Safari and protects you from malicious software lurking in malicious website advertisements. It is easy to install and free to use.

 Main features

Block ads on websites you visit, including Facebook, YouTube, and millions of other websites

Use Apple’s powerful content blocking API to filter out unwanted content to speed up browsing

Protect yourself from annoying and intrusive ads that will distract you from the story you are trying to read

Control how and where you see ads

If the site prompts you to turn off the ad blocker, a one-click pause allows you to stop AdBlock

Allows non-intrusive ads such as Google search ads, which are not annoying and help you find the products you need

Allow ads on sites where you want to support creators by viewing their ads.

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