Revisiting youtuber life games

Revisiting youtuber life games
Written by legend.robert


Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

Youtubers Life is the ultimate Sims/Tycoon video game. Become the world’s greatest gaming video blogger in history by editing videos, expanding the number of fans/subscribers, and turning yourself into a billionaire. Create your character-customize as you want, with thousands of hilarious combinations-and start your first broadcast in the comfort of your grown-up parents. Record game sessions, buy new and classic game consoles, follow daily tasks, and socialize while dealing with fans, friends, family, and time management to increase your visibility!

Make the best game video

Editing your own videos has never been so immersive! Follow the entire process from A to Z and publish your broadcast on the Internet! Buy your favorite games online, deliver them to your door, and start recording your gameplay. Improve your videos as you become the greatest video blogger of all time!

Experience the real Youtuber life!

Becoming a video blogger is more than just recording videos and getting as many views as possible-you also need to calm down and have some fun in your daily life! Go to the cinema to watch the latest movies, participate in new game demos, relax in the club, or party on a luxury yacht! Meet new people and discover your significant other, you are still thinking about the next broadcast when you get home.

Become a celebrity

The more audience you reach, the more popular you are! As you become a more popular celebrity on social media, more VIPs will be interested in meeting you in person. Important high-tech and gaming brands will contact you, and you will eventually meet other famous YouTubers. Your fans will do their best to get your signature!

Become a well-known player in the game channel!

Record gameplay, reviews, crash games, walkthroughs… Collect all consoles of all generations and play your favorite games.

It is everyone’s dream to become a famous creator! In YoutubersLife, you will learn what it’s like to be a star! Learn about the daily life of the famous Youtuber in this simulation game! What is the theme of your channel?

In this simulator, you have to manage your time to handle daily work and upload weekly content to the channel. It’s hard to get fans at first, but the more videos you upload, the more they will be! Don’t be swayed by haters’ comments, become a popular YouTuber and live a luxurious life.


Youtubers Life – Cooking

Youtubers Life is the best-selling Sims/Tycoon video game on iOS. By editing videos, expanding the number of fans, making yourself rich, and becoming the greatest content creator in the world. With the new cooking channel, you can now broadcast your cooking classes, prepare special recipes, make kyaraben, participate in TV shows and prove yourself in a real restaurant!

Make your own video

Combine different ingredients to create thousands of recipes and record your cooking process. Master 6 different cuisines-meat, vegetables, pasta, cupcakes, healthy and creative foods-and use your imagination to create the strangest food on the Internet.

Prepare delicious meals

Start preparing simple snacks for children, and finally cook exquisite desserts for sybarite flavors! There is no limit, only your efforts. Manage time and money while making the most delicious meals and the most interesting cooking videos online.

Improve your cooking skills

The path to becoming a chef is full of challenges. Earned the first income at Big Tummy Burger, participated in TV competitions, and eventually worked in a three-star restaurant. Little by little, you will learn the secrets of becoming the best chef in town and increase your visibility among subscribers. 


Youtubers Life – Music

Youtubers Life is the best-selling Sims/Tycoon video game on iOS. By editing videos, expanding the number of fans, making yourself rich, and becoming the greatest content creator in the world. With the new music channel, you can now record clips, post cover videos, teach music lessons, sing duets and become a star in live concerts!

Unleash the inner artist

Play up to 30 different instruments so you can create the most impressive video clips on the Internet. While trying to get as many subscribers as possible, try to master each type. There are more than 10 music genres such as rock, pop, reggae, or punk-choose the style you like

Improve your music skills

Started recording simple video clips in the parents’ room, and finally sang on the stage flashing in front of the audience. You just need some practice! Manage time and money when creating the most beautiful songs on the Internet.

Lead your band

Drive your music team to success and make a lot of money like a real star. You will gradually learn how to make the best singles and gain influence in the music industry. The world is there, waiting for your click. Don’t let your fans down. 

This game is great and fun. When I started the game there were no malfunctions, but when I started the game, I encountered some malfunctions. One of them is when I finish my job to make money, when my character walks into his apartment, he just stiffly walks to a place where it won’t let me do anything. Another malfunction is that when I go to a live show and perform a performance, the bottom bar still exists and it blocks the button that you have to click to get a high score, but I keep getting an F in the live show because it happened to me Say, another glitch in my body was that when I finished a live performance, my game crashed and I couldn’t do anything. There may be other faults that need to be fixed, but I really hope you can fix the faults I keep encountering. Well, your game is still great and interesting.

The game for all ages is cool, but the game crashed a lot, naturally, I brought this game without a doubt, because I was playing the game version, so when I saw this game, I almost immediately got I was happy and quit playing the game, but the game crashed several times, I thought it was just the device I was using, but if the developer of the game sees this comment, please fix the game so that we can all play Happy and give us a refund

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