Some FX apps for iPhone you don’t know about

Some FX apps for iPhone you don’t know about
Written by legend.robert

 today I am going to explain and show you the apps that we can edit our video or create a video. most people will think to edit video apps on the phone it not better than computer apps and now I will explain to you and tell you about the edit video apps on Phone or iPad that you can edit like a pro and faster than you think. the both of app call LumaFusion and have the similar Name but I will explain to you why both of the apps are similar name it has the similar name because of both of the app are in the same company. you can download both of the apps in Android and ios but there is one more thing you should know about Lumafusion and the thing is in ios for Lumafusion is work or Requires ios 13.3 or later but LumaFX work all ios. it just a little different but Lumafusion has a lot of things that special and it uses easier than LumaFX. and I can feel like it best app to edit video.

My Friend name Kdet Souyyong did ask me why I think LumaFusion and LumaFX is the best app for a video editor. and my other friend Kdet Phumin asked me too why did I choose both of the apps to edit video?

so now let answer the question but before I answer the question we must know about the price of Lumafusion and the Price of LumaFx first. Lumafusion app cost twenty-nine point ninety-nine dollar. I think the Lumafusion app is not expensive because the video that I edited on Lumafusion is like a professional and the quality of the video is very hight and I can feel like it a lot of better than computer app because before I used to use computer app to edit the video I spent three to four hours I feel like I waste a lot of time of edit video on the computer because it just one video. so that why I decided to buy Lumafusion to edit my video or create any video. and it actually better than a computer because I just spent a little bit of time editing my video or create my video and it takes twenty minutes or sometimes thirty minutes. and I use LumaFX when I need a new style of my video it can give me the more special thing to edit my video. after I have done on edit my video uploads my video to Facebook and a lot of people react like wow and they don’t believe me that I can edit a video like a professional. and I just tell them I edit my video on my mobile phone. and I decided to choose both of the apps because Lumafuion is the most popular app in Appstore.

and that is why I think Lumafusion app and LumaFx is the best app for a video editor. and that is why I chose it finally I just recommend everybody here to use this app to edit our video and we will be a professional of edit video.

today I have really good news for everybody here It is an app that we can edit our photo or video like a pro. the app call Cute Cut Pro this app can edit the photo to video and create an intro or outro so easily I have a lot of experience about edit video and Cute Cut Pro app is the best app for edit video I think and I just want to tell everybody here about the benefit of edit video on Cute Cut Pro. it saves my time a lot and the quality of the video is very high. I think Cute Cut Pro is the best app for edit video. and I got some questions from my friend and other people asked me.

-why Cute Cut Pro is the best app for edit video?

-how can you find it?

-why did you choose Cute Cut Pro to edit your video?

-how many scores should you give to this app?so now let just know about the information of the app first. this app calls Cute Cute Pro it cost $5.99. the seller Name YU BO and it not need a big size it sizes just 49 MB. we can use It both on IOS and Android and the languages of this app have English, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Simplified, and traditional Chinese. and the age of this app is over 4years. so now we can start to answer the question why Cute Cut Pro is the best because I used to use other app and I always confuse while using and I spent so much hour in just one video or sometimes 1 day because of one video so I need to change to the new app. and next question is how can I find Cute Cut Pro this really simple question for me. my friend recommends me to use it because he has a lot of experience on edit video and one thing is Cute Cut Pro is one of the most popular apps in the Appstore. I decided to choose Cute Cut Pro to edit my video Because it really simple to use and I can edit my video like a professional in just 1 hour or two hours so that is why I decided to choose Cute Cut Pro to edit my video. and the special thing in this app is I can draw something in my video or I can add music to my video and it has free sound for my video. this app can edit video better than computer apps I think. I really like it and I can give the score to this app 9/10 because the logo of the app or everything in the app looks very special.

DSLR Camera this app is for record video or take any pictures professional without edit or spend much time to take the best picture or video, this app is one of my favorite apps and it also one of the most popular apps in Appstore and Playstore. this app is not for free this app costs 0.99$ I think it the cheapest price in AppStore and play store and the developer of this app name Fulvio Scichilone. this app was build in 2016 until now it almost 5 years. and the language of this app has English – French – German – Italian – Japanese – Polish – Simplified Chinese – Spanish. and the size of this app takes 237 MB I think it kind of big size but the graphic quality or everything in this app is special. for ios this app we can download it on ios 13.0 or later that have the same meaning as Cute Cut Pro.


With just some printers, create premium or professional-looking photos on your iPhone! you do not need a computer and expensive software to form or merge/merge, cut/copy/paste the above image.

Here’s how it works …

1 Download wallpaper.

2 Load the foreground image.

3. Hide unwanted parts of the foreground image with various masking tools.

4. Smooth the perimeters with the smoothing tool inside the applicator if needed.

5. Resize, resize, rotate foreground, place it within the correct position on the background image.

6 Adjust hue / brightness / contrast / hue / saturation. Etc. For foreground and background image, if necessary, match both colors.


is an application that allows you to design your logo and mark your images at the same time in a simple and fast way.

LogoMatic has an exclusive function that allows you to simultaneously mark multiple photos.

Mark your photo with a watermark to make it stand out and let you know you are taking a photo.

If you already have the logo, you can import it directly from your device and use it in the app.

Use the advanced features of the app to place your logo on your photos and the rest of the logistics.

Share your logo directly on social media and let others see your history.

The program does what it says it will do with any problem. One thing I would recommend is to make export logos at a higher rate. The logo I made with this app does not look as good as the logo, which looks comfortable, but I used a program called Mix on pix to create a PNG watermark and then import it into the app. This

And it will upload your water photo and it looks okay. If you make your export at a higher rate, it is a 5-star program.



This app is definitely not my favorite because of the way it manages images with glasses. Glasses make it difficult to add other effects or make the eyes clearer! This is something that completely ruined my experience with this show because I always wear my glasses. If you wear glasses I will not download them because you are completely cut! If you do not wear glasses, this is a great app to edit all your photos. The only thing I can say is that do not overhaul your photos that are as amazing as what you are doing, and I only use this software for minor fixes, such as the biggest bruises or fire issues. I have never used this app to completely change your image because you should be honest with who you are. Lastly, do not use FaceTune on your profile picture or any other image that many people can see if they do not like what you see, they have something wrong and you should not change it for them. FaceTune should add some kind of denial about loyalty to you.


REC – Pro Video Camera

Designed with you in mind, whether you are an experienced videographer or your last encounter with video capture is a video camera, you will see REC produce quality video with control. Simple and intuitive review.

The RM floating button puts the level controller at your fingertips and keeps it away when you are focused on what is important to shoot your video! The single-engine will display any control menu where you can adjust the balance, speed, speed, ISO, and focus manually. Quickly switch cameras and formats with your finger, and your choices are always there. Or use our intuitive touch controls to pinpoint where your frame focuses and unfolds. Optional grid grids and zoom in or out to help you take photos at any time.

If you record video using multiple devices, such as your iPhone, camcorder, DSLR, microphone, and you use the same reference time for all your recordings, it will be easy to sync everything at once. You are editing your creation. This is a great way to capture multi-angle video using your phone as an extra camera!

REC offers two Timecode methods. The first is “time of day”, which simply records your device’s clock information with video. For it to work, just make sure all your devices are set up at the same time. For the most accurate and simple synchronization, REC also offers Bluetooth synchronization using Tentacle Sync. Using Tentacle Timecode, REC can synchronize your iPhone image in 1FHz quality.

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